Monday, March 7, 2011

Vegans and Vitamins

Hello everyone. Introductions, introductions:
I've taken an interest in my health lately, and have decided to learn as much as i can about good food and good nutrition. A friend of mine recently "went vegan" but i get the feeling he's just eating peanut butter instead of meat. I don't know if he's gonna last, and i'm not gonna go veggie, but it piqued my nascent interest in high nutrition.
I've taken multi-vitamins every day for years, but i don't exactly know about everything that's in them, or what's in meat that my friend might need (or, for that matter, shouldn't be getting.) While I know vitamins can influence your health, energy and fitness (especially if one actually gets exercise...) I don't know in what ways, or why; but I have decided to find out.
So, in the spirit of curiosity, i've decided to chronicle what i learn here, and at the same time use this as a sort of food diary, to see how my eating habits measure up to healthy standards. All i do is eat the occasional bit of broccolli.

Wish me luck! I'll start posting soon.

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