Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Protein and carbs

All i seem to eat is milk and cereal.
When went to bed last night, I couldn't sleep, so i had fruit loops and went right out. I got up this morning, and had some raisin bran. After class, i had a granola bar.  Then i had pasta and sauce for lunch, with a glass of milk to wash it down.
Well, ok, noodles aren't cereal, but you can see a trend. All i seem to eat are carbs, and usually with milk. I guess i get some meat at dinner, but typically that's just something like fish sticks or a burger. Not exactly prime rib. Perhaps i should consult the food pyramid.
This is the one i grew up learning about in grade school, but it seems there's a new one:

If you can't read it, the new one has measured amounts, rather than numbers of servings. Idiot proof, i suppose, but when the point is to get many people to use it, easy is better. I'm sure ok with it.
But, according to this, i get more than my daily allowance of grains and milk, but about half my proteins, and not really any fruit or veggies. I wonder if i should count calories, too.
I'm gonna go eat some fruit.


  1. Try the Atkins diet and eat only fatty meat and all you want!
    It works... but then you die of a clogged artery! haha

  2. Ehh, I hate fruit; I need me some mcdonalds! Mcdonals, burger king, KFC. The works man!

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  4. I'm trying to watch what I eat too. It's a simple task, but hard to hold yourself to.

  5. I don't like diets, life is more enjoyable if you can eat what you want