Thursday, March 17, 2011


So, yesterday I dragged my vegan friend with me to whole foods, and did some grocery shopping.
It's amazing how many foods can be made out of hemp. I got hemp milk, hemp ice cream, hemp nuts (of which hemp oil and protein powder are made of) hemp waffles, hemp bread... there is also hemp tofu (i've heard) and hemp butter, which is like a green super nutritious peanut butter. On that note, the jar of hemp butter was $27! Are you kidding me? When i noticed the price i promptly returned it (and found some sunflower butter that sounds promising.)
The Hemp foods are of special interest to me, because i went out of my way to get a number of whole proteins. Whole proteins, like meat, contain all of your essential amino acids, and in many cases your essential fatty acids as well (like omega-3.) Only certain vegetarian proteins qualify as whole proteins, so i invested in a few different ones, like soy products (tofu, boca burgers), hemp products, and nutritional yeast. Nutritional yeast is an awesome product that tastes like sharp cheddar cheese! I got some vegan cheese, too, but that's for a dinner i'm gonna cook.
Of course, i didn't just buy a whole bunch of strange proteins. We also got plenty of normal groceries, like vegetables and pasta. Specifically, i got some mushrooms and eggplant that i'm going to make a vegan lasagna with. Oh, it's dinner time. I'd better start cooking now, actually. Wish me luck!


  1. aaaah you just saved my life haha ill keep that in mind (:

  2. ♥Love your post♥

  3. Sounds delicious, good luck cooking!

  4. Hemp butter?

  5. lol hemp is the greatest thing ever. following!

  6. What would the world do without hemp...